Doomtrooper CCG – Beta Download

Doomtrooper CCG is a digital adaptation of the 90’s CCG of the same name – a dieselpunk card combat game based in the Mutant Chronicles universe.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a year ago during the closed Beta sign up, Doomtrooper CCG features tactical card-bsed gameplay basedon the 90’s original, but reimagined (with input from the original creator), to make for a modern gaming experience. It’s set in the dieselpunk universe of Mutant Chronicles and features tactical 1v1 card-based battles with a story mode and online PvP.

You can choose from seven different factions, each with their own unique cards and play styles. Matches see you being able to choose between Victory Points or Destiny Points each time you defeat an enemy or directly attack them. Destiny Points are required to use your cards, but the first player to amass twenty Victory Points wins, so there’s an interesting balance between going for the win and maintaining dominance on the battlefield.

It’s a very promising reimagining of the classic 90’s CCG with a rich Mutant Chronicles lore to draw from. The Victory Points system is particularly interesting and makes for some and satisfyingly tactical battles.

Download The Doomtrooper CCG Beta Here (Steam)