DOORPUNCHER – Game Jam Build

DOORPUNCHER is a fun little arcade game where you beat up demons that come to your front door, whilst avoiding punching innocent grannies, kids and puppies!

Created for the LOWREZJAM 2021 by helpcomputer and LumpyTouch (the pixel art genius behind Gorefield and many other freaky creations), DOORPUNCHER is an addictive little arcade game about opening your door and punching stuff. When your door opens you have a very short time to decide whether to punch who’s behind it or not. You want to avoid hitting kids, dogs and grannies, but if you spot a demon it’s time to start punching!

In combat the demon moves around a grid and you need to aim at the correct spot and start punching (when there is red on the demon’s head). You can punch with your left and right hand, and if you land five alternating punches in a row then you’ll power-up your attack. You also have a special green attack, which you use to neutralise the demon’s green attacks before they hurt you.

DOORPUNCHER has a 64×64 pixel resolution due to the restrictions of the jam, but even so LumpyTouches pixel art animation is as excellent as ever (and it kinda makes you want to punch the kids, puppies and grannies just to see the animations). It could do with a little more enemy variety, but even so it’s a fun little game with a unique and surprisingly complex combat system. See how many demons you can pummel before they get in your house!

Play DOORPUNCHER Here (Browser)