Doors: Paradox – Beta Demo

Doors: Paradox is a The Room-esque puzzle adventure where you attempt to figure out how to open the doors in each of its intricately designed dioramas.

In Doors: Paradox you follow a time-travelling cat through a series of differently themed dioramas where you need to figure out how to open the doors in the center of each of them. It’s a very tactile puzzler, with you able to freely rotate the dioramas, pick-up, slide and interact with the various objectives within them. Each one can generally be completed in 5-10 minutes, after which you travel through the door into the next one.

The dioramas in Doors: Paradox aren’t anywhere near as intricate as the puzzle boxes in The Room games, but there are a lot of them (58 in the full game) and each one is good for a bit of bite sized five minute puzzling. They’re beautifully designed, with lots of great little details and cleverly crafted puzzles throughout. The variety of different themes is a real delight and you never know what to expect when you go through each door.

Download The Doors: Paradox Beta Demo Here (Steam)