Doors – Student Game

Ever wonder about every single door that you see in a video game? Well, to be honest, I haven’t either, but Doors really puts all of the different properties of doors in perspective, and seems to analyse the heck out of them.

Doors is a point and click adventure game where you play as detective Clickclick, who has been called to the Doors Inn, in search of a missing door. You see, this door was stolen, somehow, despite being a door, and in its place seems to be a painted door flat on a wall. Look, I don’t know how anything in this universe works either.

Doors aims at playfully and critically examining theories about how objects are represented within games, within virtual worlds, and in general in life. Each time you interact with a new door, this door is added to your journal, where you can read ramblings looking at the deeper meaning behind these doors. While you are wandering around the hotel, however, you are just looking to uncover clues about one specific door. Using a special button, you can pick a few details of this door as you discover it; finding its color, unique feature, shape and more, which will be used when uncovering what has happened to the door.

There is something very interesting about a game that constantly questions if you opened the door, if the player opened the door, or if these doors even exist in the first place, all while you go around and talk to characters or collect items to help you figure out more of what is going on. The dialogue and descriptions in Doors is very well written, and brings a wonder and mystery to the game itself.

Though Doors is a short experience, it is one that will leave you questioning everything. It’s a game that isn’t afraid to over-analyse itself or question itself as you play. If you are a psychology major or have a wider interest in what is and what is not real, this game is one for you to check out.

Play Doors Here (Browser)