Dorbea – Prototype Download

dorbea 2

Dorbea, a game created by Patch Note Studios, is a creepy first person survival horror game that constantly have you screaming for more.

You wake up in a dimly light room, with no recollection of how you got to where you are and why you are there as well. You make your way to door situated behind you and notice a flash light on the desk next to the door. You pick it up and activate, however as soon as you do all the lights in the room and the adjacent rooms have turned off. As you begin to investigate your new surroundings one thing becomes brutally clear. Whoever put you here wants to see you die in the most horrible way possible. Not only does the complex give you the chills, but the sight of a bloody trail makes you want to scream in terror. Do you follow the trail to find out the horrors that await you, or do you try to hide in the room, hoping nothing finds you while doing so?

The game does have its flaws (game closing when you die, invisible objects hurting you), but for a prototype done in 7 days this game is an absolute gem. The graphics don’t leave much to the imagination and the story is limited to notes scattered around the build, but the game itself just makes you want to constantly try to progress further with each death. The game also has a great puzzle system, meaning you aren’t constantly looking for keys to unlock the next section of an area just to go hunting for more keys to progress. The games different enemies are also worth of a mention. Although their skin choices are old in design, if one of them manages to get the jump on you, it will launch you out of your seat. Thankfully the game does give you your fists and, as you progress through the game, melee weapons to help dispatch the enemies that are constantly threatening your life. All in all regardless of its flaws Dorbea is a fun First person survival horror game that anyone can get into, and is great for a night-time game session.

NOTE: Dorbea only worked on one of the three systems we tested it on.  This seems to be a DirectX issue.  If you’re having any issues playing the game or getting it to load try Installing DirectX 9c or loading the game under Admin.

Download the Dorbea Prototype Here (Windows Only)