Dormiveglia – Alpha Demo

Dormiveglia is a beautifully animated 2D pixel art action platforming adventure where a whip-cracking hero sets out to save the land from an evil sorceress.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Kickstarter, Dormiveglia is an action platforming adventure that follows the story of Quinn – one of four heroes who are sworn to protect four towns. Quinn’s town has now come under attack from an evil sorceress who is searching for four powerful ancient runes. She must now use her trusty whip to battle monsters, traverse environments and solve puzzles as she tries to thwart the sorceresses’ evil plans.

The demo build of Dormiveglia features the full introductory chapter from the game and sees you fighting and swinging thigh your hometown while the sorceresses’ minions attack. The combat feels a little weak at the moment but the gameplay is fast and fluid, the pixel art is fantastic and the whip is a lot of fun to use. A beautiful whip-cracking adventure well worth taking a crack at.

Download The Alpha Demo Here (Windows)