Dormiveglia – Kickstarter Demo

Dormiveglia is a beautifully animated 2D action platforming adventure where a young hero with a whip sets out to save her village from a mysterious stranger.

In Dormiveglia you take on the role of Quinn, a young hero whose village is ransacked by a mysterious stranger called Somnia. Somnia is searching for four powerful runes and it’s up to you to find them before her and prevent her from wielding their power.

The gameplay in Dormiveglia feels like a callback to the classic SNES era of action platformers (but with superior pixel art animation). It contains a nice mixture of combat, platforming and puzzles and your whip really comes in handy throughout, allowing you to attack enemies, swing between anchor points and even lasso large objects to move them.

It’s shaping up to be an excellent 2D action platforming adventure. The pixel art animation is excellent, the setting feels very unique and the whip mechanics are a lot of fun. Well worth checking out for a bit of retro action platforming fun.

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Download The Dormiveglia Kickstarter Demo Here (Windows)