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dot big bang is a promising new open browser-based platform that will allow players to build play and share their own voxel-based games – from multiplayer tank warfare games to cutesy platforming adventures.

dot big bang is still very early in development so is nowhere near feature complete yet, but what’s on offer so far is pretty impressive. It currently allows you to build your own worlds, create your own characters/objects and check out other users creations. You can build and animate your own voxel based characters and objects very easily using the object editor with its simple point, click and drag controls, then upload them for others to use in their games. The game world editor is also very easy to use, with you easily able to drag and drop objects that you or other players have created, then give them simple behaviours to make them move.

It’s hard to create anything more than a 3D platformer using the current build of dot big bang, but the devs plan to add a lot more features that should allow for a lot more diversity and quality of game design. Planned features include the ability to equip items to different slots of your character, more complex behaviours for the in-game objects, the ability to code your own behaviours in JavaScript, multiplayer game world editing and the addition of music and sound FX (it’s pretty silent at the moment).

dot big bang has a bit to go if it wants to compete with the mighty Roblox, but it’s off to a good start. It’s easy to use, fun to play around with, easy to share your creations and has a gorgeous cubic art style. An impressive foundation that we look forward to seeing built upon.

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    • You’re welcome! Glad to spread the word. It’s an impressive toolkit you’ve built already, looking forward to seeing it grow! :)

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