Dota Underlords – Beta Download (Steam, iOS & Android)

Steam, iOS and Android users can now download and play Dota Underlords, Valve’s new streamlined standalone take on the popular Auto Chess mod.

Auto Chess is an autobattling real-time strategy DOTA 2 mod that takes place on Chess style boards that has garnered a huge player-base since its inception. It’s no surprise then that Valve are keen to capitalise on this and have just released the Beta for Dota Underlords, giving players a more streamlined take on the fledgling genre.

The Dota Underlords is available now on iOS, Android and Steam, and features cross-platform play across all platforms. There may be some stalwarts who stick with the old Auto Chess mod, but the changes Valve have made from the original mod are generally all for the best, making for a much more accessible and polished experience. Jump in now to see what all the fuss is about!

Download Dota Underlords Here (Steam), Here (iOS) or Here (Android)