Double Action Boogaloo – Beta Download

double action boogaloo

Double Action Boogaloo is a very stylish multiplayer shooter with more slow motion duel-wielding diving, flipping, sliding and shooting than in John Woos wildest dreams. It is completely free, and runs on Valve’s Source engine through Steam.

The dev describes the game as like “doing a backflip off some dude’s face, diving through a window, with gold-plated pistols firing in slow motion.  There’s an explosion behind you and somebody’s stolen your briefcase full of money.”  After playing it, it’s hard not to agree with that sentiment, with the game full of ridiculous OTT action, with players jumping, diving and sliding all over the place like Max Payne in a John Woo movie.

There are various characters, customisable load outs and style skills (perks) to choose from at the start of the match.  The main game mode it a cleverly implemented battle royale interspersed with objectives that are added on-the-fly, such as checkpoint races, capturing a briefcase or hunting down the wanted criminal.  It’s a great system that adds some nice variety to the gameplay.

The game can either be played from a 3rd person or first person perspective (switch with ‘J’), both work well, but 3rd person looks way cooler when you’re flying through the air.  Comparisons to Max Payne are obvious (especially as you’re able to slow down time), but your character is far more versatile, the action is more OTT, and the gameplay is more fun – double the fun!

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Download the Beta HERE (Win + Linux) – Once installed, RESTART STEAM & it’ll be in your library