Double Cheeseburger, Medium Fries – Prototype

Double Cheeseburger, Medium Fries is a charming little adventure where you deal with customers, prepare orders and clean up in your rather thankless job at a fast food restaurant.

In Double Cheeseburger, Medium Fries you take on the role of a fast food restaurant employee whose boss is a bit of an a**hole. The current build sees you getting called in on your day off, with a threat of being sacked if you don’t turn up.

When you get to the restaurant you need to take customers orders, prepare the food and serve them. Each of the orders has a different little micro-game for you to complete (flipping burgers, cooking fries, pouring drinks, ets). They’re all fairly easy to complete and there’s no time limit so it’s a pleasantly chilled out experience. As you progress more activities are introduced, such as mopping the floor and cleaning dishes, and eventually you’ll get to clock out and go home.

Even in this early stage of development, Double Cheeseburger, Medium Fries is a lot of fun, largely thanks to the engaging microgames, charming characters and chilled out pacing. There are some intriguing little narrative touches too, which it’ll be nice to see where they progress – hopefully your awful boss gets his comeuppance at some point!

Play The Double Cheeseburger, Medium Fries Prototype Here (Browser)