Double Hitler – Open Beta

double hitler game

Double Hitler is a ridiculous QWOP-Style game that sees you controlling Hitler during key points of his life – or to be more precise you play as two children stacked up on-top of each other, who were pretending to be a grown adult in order to get into art school, but ended up becoming one of the most renowned dictators in history.

What ensues is a tricky balancing act, as you attempt to move, draw and map out battle plans without falling over.  In typical QWOP fashion, the main enjoyment comes from mastering the rather unintuitive controls, with A &D moving you left and right, Left & Right mouse clicks making you lean left and right, while the space bar and mouse movement is used for drawing.  With these controls, even something as simple as drawing a circle is a herculean task, especially with the ever present danger of falling over and exposing the Führer to be a child sitting on-top of another’s shoulders.

Needless to say it’s a very silly game, and also extremely fun.  With a playful sense of humor, charming animation and ridiculous premise, Double Hitler’s control system may be a little odd, but the game works just Reich.  Double Hitler is due for release within the next few weeks, so the dev is keen to hear any feedback, you can leave feedback below or on the devs blog or Twitter account.

Watch a Double Hitler playthrough HERE

Play the Beta in a Unity supported browser HERE & let us know what you think! (Press ‘steuerung’ to display controls)