Double Kick Heroes – Game Jam Build Download

Double CLick Heroes

Double Kick Heroes, a game created by Black Magic for Ludum Dare 34, is an incredible mash up of Guitar Hero-style rhythm based game play and zombie slaughtering goodness.

On a lone stretch of road, you and your band mates must fend of the quickly approaching horde of undead. How you ask? By harnessing the power of the one thing your band is damn good at, METAL MUSIC. Strapping a pair of guns to your drum set, you leap into action ready to pound your heart out. Each bash and crash of your drums sends bullets flying into the approaching undead leaving them in your dust. And if the undead hordes do catch you, you’ll go down in flames with metal blaring all around you.

Double Kick Heroes is an absolute masterpiece (or Disasterpiece if you’re a fan of old Slipknot). It breathes new life into two overused gaming genres (Guitar Hero/Rock Band rhythm action and Whatever With Zombies) by bringing in a heavy hitting soundtrack (created by Elmobo) and using the drum beats on a fret line as a means to slaughter the zombies. There are no headshots here, no slow breathing mechanics and certainly no typical drawn out fight scenes of waves and waves of undead.

From its fast paced gameplay, its satisfying pixel art and the brutal music that will engulf you entirely, Double Kick Heroes is a game we highly recommend you check it out.

Download or Play Double Kick Heroes Here (Windows & Browser)