DoubleWe – Pre-Alpha Demo

DoubleWe is a very intense and paranoia-filled roguelite first person shooter where you attempt to kill your evil clones before they kill you!

Playable in single-player or online multiplayer, in DoubleWe mysterious clones have infiltrated your society and are eliminating their original counterparts. The original humans now need to fight back and eliminate the clones before it’s too late.

The current DoubleWe demo features the single-player game mode and sees you playing through a series of procedurally generated levels. In each level you start as a different character and have a mirror that you can look at yourself with. You then need to explore, find a weapon and see if you can spot and eliminate your clone before they kill you.

It’s a simple concept that’s cleverly implemented and gets incredibly nerve-wracking as you make your way through the crowds knowing that one of them is wearing your face. There’s a nice selection of weapons to use and the clones even have a few surprises up their sleeves that will keep you on edge. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The DoubleWe Pre-Alpha Demo Here (Steam)