Down: The Way Out – Student Game Download

Down: The Way Out is an inventive first person Sci-Fi puzzle adventure where you manipulate the direction and the strength of gravity as you attempt to escape from a deep space prison.

Created by a group of students at Uppsala University Campus Gotland, Down: The Way Out is an innovative first person puzzler where you manipulate gravity to help you escape a space prison. To escape you need to make your way through a series of Portal-esque puzzle rooms where you use a Nintendo Powerglove-like device to alter the direction and the strength of the gravity. Things start off fairly easy, but things get more complex as various types of interactable objects, locks and pressure pads are introduced.

Down: The Way Out really impresses with its intuitive gravity manipulation mechanics and cleverly crafted level design. It does lack a bit of polish and it could really do with adding a Wheatly-esque companion to add a bit of humor and narrative, but the core gameplay and puzzle design is very well executed. See if you can escape the space prison!

Download Down: The Way Out Here (Windows)