Down The Well – Pre-Alpha Demo

Down The Well is a dark third person fairytale adventure that draws inspiration from Scandinavian folklore as you unearth the mysteries of a magical forest inhabited by mythical beasts.

In Down The Well you take control of Tay, a young girl with a troll friend called Folog. You explore a mysterious wooded underworld and attempt to find meaning in it, discovering clues, solving puzzles, crafting and meeting mysterious characters as you go. It’s not a horror game but there is a little darkness to Down The Well’s mythical world which keeps you feeling a little on edge as you explore.

The current build of Down The Well features around 20 minutes of gameplay and unfortunately that’s probably all that there will ever be as the development studio (Forgotten Key) is closing down. It’s a shame as it’s a great game with an interesting game world, intriguing characters and a great sense of atmosphere. The lighting effects from your lightstick and the magical doorways that can seamlessly open up to entirely different areas depending on what key you use are particularly nice touches. Even as it stands though it’s a great little woodland adventure well worth checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Down The Well Prototype Here (Windows)