Dr. Emmerson’s Nocturnes – Alpha Demo

Dr. Emmerson’s Nocturnes is an interactive adaptation of a selection of classic weird fiction and Lovecraftian cosmic horror stories that really immerse you in the experience.

Much like developer Bit Golem’s previous release (the excellent Dagon), Dr. Emmerson’s Nocturnes is less of a game and more of an interactive story, with 360 degree scenes and some excellent narration. It’s basically a way of bringing classic works of horror fiction to life, like a fully immersive audiobook.

The full version of Dr. Emmerson’s Nocturnes will feature multiple stories from different horror writers, while the demo features a short section from Under The Pyramids by H.P. Lovecraft and Harry Houdini. It’s a very high quality experience, with visuals and narration that really compliment the story and elevate it substantially. It is very short, but by the end you’ll be dying for more.

Download The Dr. Emmerson’s Nocturnes Alpha Demo Here (Steam)