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Dr GreenStuff is a fun and surprisingly intricate simulator that sees you growing medical grade “herbal medicines” and selling them to a hospital for huge profits.

In Dr GreenStuff you set up and run a grow operation, using a wide variety of ingredients and equipment to cultivate some high quality herbal remedies to then sell to a hospital (you don’t get high on your own supply). The current build focuses on medical grade marijuana, but the dev plans to allow you to branch out into other plants such as cacti and poppies.

Cultivating and harvesting your crops of weed can be a complex and time consuming operation initially, which can also take a little experimentation as you attempt to figure out the correct procedures. Each plant takes around 10 minutes to grow to maturity, so it can take some time for the cash to start rolling in, but once it does you’ll be able to buy more equipment that can help speed up and automate some of the process.

Once your plant is matured, cut, dried out and cut again then you can either sell it straight away to the hospital or you can refine it in your lab to turn it into even more potent forms – which will earn you even more cash when you sell them. This requires even more experimentation and will probably result in a few failed batches, but it’s also one of the most fun elements of the game as you tinker away in your laboratory like a mad scientist.

It’s still early in development but Dr GreenStuff already impresses with its comprehensive weed cultivation simulation. There’s a surprising amount of depth to the gameplay and it’s great fun experimenting and figuring your way around all the equipment. Plus as this marijuana is for medical use, you’re actually doing a public service!

Note: It can be a little tricky to get your operation set up and it requires a bit of experimentation. If you get stuck you can check out this video, for some tips. It can take around 10 minutes for your plants to grow. Don’t cut them too early!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Dr GreenStuff Alpha Here (Windows)

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  1. Great game very enjoyable even with its few content actually. It’s the kind of game that you can appreciate just trying to understand how it works. Can’t wait for more updates. Good job!

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