Dr Spacezoo – Open Alpha

dr spacezoo 1

Dr Spacezoo, or to give it it’s full name – Dr Spacezoo or: How I Learned To Stop Shooting And Save The Animals – is a fun pixel art top-down arcade shooter that sees you saving starving animals from an automated space zoo.

During each level you must infiltrate the zoo’s cells and locate the exotic animal pictured in the top-left hand side of the screen, then escape before the zoo’s AI blows up your ship.  Things start of easily, but the difficulty soon ramps up once the sentry guards are introduced.

It’s a cool pixel art blaster, and it’s great fun going in all guns blazing and blowing up everything in sight, but you’ll have to be careful not to blow away the animals you’re trying to rescue!

Visit the Official website HERE

Play the Dr Spacezoo Alpha in a Unity supported browser HERE