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Draculis is a very tough Dark Souls-esque third person action adventure in which you battle your way through a dark fantasy world, using a unique control scheme where you move your mouse to swing your weapon.

Currently in development in Unreal Engine 4, Draculis is a dark fantasy adventure that sees you hacking your way through all manner of demonic monsters as you make your way from the burning city of Normorden to the very depths of Hell.
The current build of Draculis is very early in development so it has plenty of rough edges, placeholder art and some bland textures, but the gameplay is very promising.

Playable on mouse and keyboard only, you control your movement with the WASD keys, but the majority of your actions are carried out via the mouse. Scrolling the mouse wheel determines your speed, right clicking blocks, holding the middle mouse button down then moving the mouse performs a piercing attack and holding the left mouse button down allows you to perform attacks that correspond to the mouse movement.

The current build gives a short and challenging taster of things to come, with Soulsian stamina based combat and a nice selection of deadly enemies to dispatch.The full game promises an adventure on a far bigger scale, with three playable characters (a tank, a magician and an assassin) with boss fights and a diverse variety of settings as you make your way down into the bowels of Hell.

It is very much a very early prototype at the moment, but there’s a lot to like about Draculis. It’s got a nice sense of atmosphere, the enemies are both scary and challenging and the combat is very satisfying. The mouse controlled combat is a particular highlight, making you feel more connected to the action than a traditional 3rd person action game where you just press buttons on a controller. A dark and deadly dungeon crawling adventure that turns your mouse into a weapon.

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