Dragon Age: Keep – Open Beta

Dragon Age Keep

Dragon Age: Keep is a way to to recap your progress, actions and consequences throughout the previous two Dragon Age games, or for newcomers to catch up on the lore in time for the upcoming release of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Players will be able to go through the events of the previous two games, and make up to 300 different choices that will shape the world of Dragon Age and have consequences for Dragon Age Inquisition.  Players returning to toe series will can to use Keep to recap their story so far or explore other branches of the storyline.

Keep is available on all platforms and browsers with HTML5 capability.  Sit back and watch as Brian Bloom, the voice of Varric Thethras, recounts the major moments from the previous two games. Learn about the conflicts and events leading up to Dragon Age: Inquisition as you discover the history of a world in turmoil.

Join in the Beta HERE