Dragon Bros – Prototype Download

dragon bros download

Dragon Bros is an awesome Metal Slug style hardcore run and gun arcade shooter, packed with OTT weaponry, excellent pixel art animation and intense bullet dodging action.

Playable in single player or multiplayer co-op you control one of the Dragon Bros as they set out on a quest that involves blasting a vast amount of deadly robots. The current prototype level is actually planned to be one of the later stages in the game, so it’s pretty challenging but is a blast to play. Anyone who’s played a Metal Slug game will feel right at home with the controls and gameplay, with you dodging enemy bullets and blasting robots with a variety of high powered weaponry.

Even in these early stages of development the gameplay, audio and pixel art animation are fantastic, with each section packed with intense action and bombastic explosions. A super tough and carnage filled arcade shooter that looks set to outgun Metal Slug.

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Download The Dragon Bros Prototype Here (Win, Mac & Linux)