Dragon Bros – Steam Early Access Key Giveaway

Dragon Bros game

Dragon Bros is a fabulous 2D retro run and gun adventure with action packed combat, OTT weaponry, co-op multiplayer, gorgeous pixel art, a kick ass soundtrack and more explosions than the human eye was built to handle!

Dragon Bros tells the story of four teenage dragons who set out to save their mother from an army of deadly robots that are the remnants of a collapsed alien civilisation. What this means for the player is that you embark on an adrenaline-fuelled run and gun adventure, blasting giant killer robots with a selection of high powered weaponry (with cool alternate fire modes).

Drawing inspiration from Metal Slug, Broforce and Super Time Force, Dragon Bros offers fast paced arcade 60 fps action with plenty of variety. As well as the mixture of side scrolling action, robot-filled kill rooms and spectacular boss fights, it also features great little touches such as music-synched enemies and sections that play like classic arcade games such as Pang and Space Invaders.

We first featured Dragon Bros on Alpha Beta Gamer almost a year ago when it was still an early prototype, and were very impressed by it’s explosion-filled hardcore run and gun action. If you liked it then, you’ll love it now as the visuals, fast paced gameplay and and explosions are all cranked up to 11. Last time we covered it we said it looked set to outgun Metal Slug. With the latest build Dragon Bros has already done that and a whole lot more.

We have 20 Dragon Bros Steam Early Access keys to give away! Simply complete any of the options below to enter. Winners will be notified tomorrow. In the meantime, you can also help spread the word spread the word about Dragon Bros by joining their Thunderclap campaign.

You Can Purchase Dragon Bros or Try The Free Demo Via Steam Here

Dragon Bros Steam Early Access Key Giveaway