Dragon Crisis – Student Project Game

Dragon Crisis is a fun blend of Snake and shoot ‘em up action as you control a mechanical dragon that you can extend with a variety of different turret sections.

In Dragon Crisis you pilot a serpentine mechanical dragon that roams an asteroid field. You have to fend off increasingly tough waves of spaceships and bosses using the turrets attached to your modular body. As you destroy enemies they drop orbs which you can use to purchase more turret modules for your mecha-dragon body.

There are various different types of turrets, some stronger than others, which can be purchased by pressing the spacebar when your orb level corresponds the type of turret you’d like. Due to your large size it can be hard to avoid enemy fire, but if one of your modules does get destroyed you still have a little time to collect the rest of the modules which scattered around the area.

It’s a fun game that can get pretty intense in the later stages as your massive mecha-dragon attempts to dodge barrages of bullets and blast swarms of enemies. How big can you build your dragon?

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Dragon Crisis Here (Windows)