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Dragon Documentary is a very cool high flying action game that sees you controlling a huge dragon, burning towns, castles and armies with your fiery breath.

Dragon Documentary is still very early in development (and may end up cancelled if there’s no interest in it), so it does have some rough edges, but once you master the controls, it’s great fun soaring and scorching your way through the kingdom.  Visually it’s breathtaking, especially when you take to the air, swooping through valleys and climbing above mountaintops.

The combat could do with a bit of refinement, as at the moment you’ll most likely get slaughtered by even a small group of soldiers, but it’s still a unique and enjoyable experience being in control of a fire breathing dragon.  High flying fiery fun.

Note:  The Control Scheme takes a little getting used to.  Spacebar flaps your wings, so at the start flap until you’re high in the sky, then you can play around with your dragon without fear of crashing!

Check Out the Gameplay Trailer HERE

Download the Dragon Documentary Pre-Alpha HERE

21 thoughts on “Dragon Documentary – Pre-Alpha Download”

  1. how could anybody NOT have interest in this?! it’s dragons! (being able to customize the dragon would be very cool… imagine flying around burning things as a tiny pink fluffy dragon)

  2. Please give us some sort of kickstarter or otherwise in order for us to spread interest appropriately!

    • I seriously agree with this. I want to support the concept and see it developed further, there are a lot of people who have long been wanting a game like this. I’d like to be able to support it outside of just checking out the unfinished product. So much promise here!

  3. Wonderful little game! Always nice to just go crazy as a dragon, burning villages and eating the silly humans <3 This is pretty much my dream game, so obviously more would be awesome to see, but even if nothing more comes of this, thank you for what is already here. I had more fun with it than I probably should…

  4. This game is FANTASTIC!! The dragons animations are gorgeous and you really feel the weight of the dragon. Being able to customize your dragon, including wyverns and such, would be amazing aswell. I look forward to seeing this finished!! It needs to be!! There’s not a game like it anywhere else c:

  5. was fun to try and will try some more to learn to control dragon flight properly :) my suggestion is adding vertical climbing on trees, houses possibly too or when dragon is landing and tree get in way and you are not in full speed landing verticaly on tree would be immersive :) but in full speed descent could such tree hurt the dragon.

  6. I really wanted to play this game, but I use a chromebook and I’m not sure how I can activate the software on it? If anyone knows which thing I need to install on the chromestore that’s be really helpful! Thank you!

  7. You wanna cough up a kickstarter for this or what? Because this fish’ll bite if you do.

  8. Ive always like the idea of playing a game as a dragon, but this isnt the first game to try this. A ps3 release tried to do something like this once and it was bad. judging by the name, it would seem that this game aims to be like a nature documentary about dragons, which begs the question what is going to be in it? like castle sieges and army destroying is fun for only so long. Any ideas on other activities like just village terrorizing and gold hoarding?

    • Exactly what you said actually. Gold hoarding basics is already there. There’s a collectible gold in random houses. The big idea about gameplay was to have a story-sandbox mode. You are looking for your stolen eggs (or whatever reason I come up with) – so you start burning the villages, until the castle sends an army. Then you fight with an army, until they send ogres. Then witches, then giants etc. until the Prince on a griffon will fight with you. When you win, he tells you that he doesn’t really have your stolen eggs, because he gave them to the other king.

      Aaand you go to anoher level to get your eggs. So, basically, something like “Prototype” game style of levels.

      Oh, and the plan was that the dragon is actually intelligent and can talk. Something like Smaug for Hobbit. This would allow to have a plot.

  9. This is honestly fantastic. The ability to ravage castles, destroy villages, and take back your gold is completed with fun flight, awesome fire breathing, some basic grounded soldier trouncing, and freaking sky fights with aerial screws. I wore a pretty big smile my first try, and hope to see more come of this!
    I’d love to have an interactive treasure hoard, and maybe some dragon clan competition. Or just more castles to besiege with fiery death, whatever.

  10. This game is amazing and it has so much potential! I am just wondering why suddenly and unexpectedly it keeps making my dragon go left in circles when I am not pressing anything! Before that happened, I was having the time of my life flying a dragon! :> Many thanks if someone can tell me a fix for this.

  11. This game is awesome and everything I’ve been looking for in a dragon free-flyer!

    Though, and perhaps its just my (crap) computer, I can’t seem to load the Mountains and Big Valley level. Small Village works though! Not sure why, though a peek through output_log showed a few “WARNING: Shader unsupported” entries. I suspect this may have something to do with it?(I’m not a programmer though so hard to say…) Any help/ideas on how to fix this?

  12. This is without a doubt one of the most fun flying games I’ve ever played. Even with the controls being a little rough, it’s a blast. I’d pay money for a full game with a story. Also, I adore the idea of it being an intelligent dragon that you play as. Maybe you could do something similar to WolfQuest, with a design-your-own character type deal or multiple speech options in cutscenes, to make it more interactive. Really great stuff here, it looks beautiful, and I was really very impressed with the animation and modeling of the dragon. I really hope this makes it as a full game!

  13. Definitely interested in more! I’ve been waiting for a serious dragon game, and this seems to be what I’ve been looking for!

  14. I’m all for this game! I’ve played it for hours already, and I found an interesting thing when I defeated one of the mages! I love this game so much!

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