Dragon Quest Builders 2 – Beta Demo

PC owners can now download a “jumbo demo” build of Dragon Quest Builders 2, allowing players to explore, fight, harvest and build in a sandbox fantasy land threatened by an evil cult!

Previously released on console only, Dragon Quest Builders 2 is now bringing its popular block building RPG gameplay to PC. It takes place during the events of the original Dragon Quest 2 RPG game and allows players to explore, embark on an epic journey to become a Master Builder and face an evil cult called The Children of Hargon who are attempting to corrupt the the vast fantasy world.

The Dragon Quest Builders 2 demo features a sizeable chink of gameplay and sees you exploring the Isle of Awakening and sailing to Furrowfiueld. There’s a lot to do as you explore and help the villagers rebuild their town and all of your saved data will transfer to the full game when it releases too!

Download The Dragon Quest Builders 2 Beta Demo Here (Steam)