Dragon Step – Alpha Demo

Dragon Step is a charming Spyro inspired old school 3D platforming adventure in which your cute little dragon explores a vibrant fantasy world, discovering secrets, collecting gems and burning sheep!

In Dragon Step you control a little Spyro-esque dragon called Step. Step is a small, but formidable little dragon, who can glide short distances, breathe fire and pull off tail-whip attacks. The current build allows you to meet come of the games characters and explore two of its game worlds, the first being a small(ish) tutorial area and the second being a much larger area with a castle to explore.

It’s still early in development so does have plenty of rough edges (the UI and textures in particular), but it’s a fun little game with cheerful collectathon platforming gameplay that brings back fond memories of classic N64 and PSX era 3D platformers. It’s still a long way off completion, but it should tide dragon lovers over until the recently announced Spyro remaster is released!

Note: Dragon Step does support control pads, but the controls feel a little weird. You’re best sticking to keyboard and mouse.

Download The Dragon Step Alpha Demo Here (Windows)