DragonFishing – Student Project Download

Dragon Fishing Game Download

DragonFishing is a fun fantasy action RPG in which you fly through the skies in your airship, fishing for giant dragons!

In DragonFishing you play a novice sky captain who must navigate the skies and battle dragons in the hope of rescuing your uncle from a gigantic leviathan. Aside from the easy tutorial dragon, you’ll need to take on four different dragons spread across the game world before you can take on the leviathan and save your uncle.

The actual dragon fishing is fairly easy to learn, but hard to master – you hook them with your grapple, then press the spacebar at the correct time to perform a strike. There are also items that you can collect or purchase from the capital of the games Cuban-themed fantasy world, Skyvania – a handy place for recuperating between battles.

The sky kingdom of DragonFishing is a beautiful place to explore, full of great artwork and the occasional massive dragon. There’s also a slight Shadow of the Colossus-esque melancholy as each mighty beast is slain by your little ship. An epic adventure with big battles on a little sky boat.

Download DragonFishing Here (Windows)

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