Draiva – Alpha Build

Draiva is a retro-styled driving game that packed full of iconic cars from classic TV shows and movies, including Knight Rider, Back to the Future and The Blues Brothers!

In Draiva you can choose from a wide selection of voxel based cars and race on random shareable tracks with a day/night cycle. The default view is a Micro Machines-esque top-down/isometric view, but you can switch to more traditional behind-the-car or in car views if you prefer by pressing ‘C’.

The cars are the star of the show in Draiva, with a wide variety of different voxel based automobiles to choose from. The current build features 14 different cars (with more planned to be added in the future), and includes cars taken from movies (such as Back to the Future and The Blues Brothers) and TV (The Flintstones, Dukes of Hazzard, Starsky & Hutch), as well as others such as an F1 car, a monster truck, a go-kart and the Ferrari from Outrun.

Draiva is still very early in development, so does have plenty of rough edges, such as the handbrake being a little unreliable and a high difficulty level meaning that a single crash can be disastrous (which could maybe be offset by increasing the acceleration of the vehicles). It’s a very cool game though and is already fun to play – not least because of those fantastic voxel based recreations of classic TV and movie cars. Well worth checking out for some old school racing thrills in some super cool voxel based cars.

Note: Use ‘C’ to switch camera views, Spacebar for handbrake and ‘R’ to reset your car on the track

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Draiva Alpha Here (Windows & Mac)