DRAKERZ: Confrontation – Open Beta


DRAKERZ: Confrontation is an innovative augmented reality Trading Card Game that has just released a free-to-play Beta on Steam.

Players do battle against online opponents using physical cards that are scanned through a normal webcam.  Simply lay your card and your selected creature will spawn from it, ready for battle, like a Pokémon from a Pokéball.  Each character is wonderfully animated and has it’s own stats that will assist in battle.  Character stats aren’t the be-all and end-all though as you can tactically move the card in different ways to attack and defend.

It’s a fun TCG that brings something different to the table (or spawns something on top of it).  It is still in Beta and needs a little balancing, but the devs are keen to get feedback.  The servers are pretty busy at the moment, so if the launcher stalls, simply reload.   

Visit the official website HERE

Check out their Kickstarter HERE

Download the Beta HERE