Draw Puzzle – Beta Demo

Draw Puzzle Game Download

Draw Puzzle is a chilled out logic based puzzler in which you connect nodes on a grid to form little works of pixel art.

Draw Puzzle plays a little like a Picross game, with you filling in squares to form pictures, but instead of deducing the pattern from numbers surrounding the grid, you connect dots together with a trail of blocks dictated by the numbers printed on them. This means that if two dots both have the number ‘3’ on them then the total number of squares you can use to connect them is 3, and so on. This may sound a little complicated, but in practice it’s not and is really easy to pick up and play.

The unique grid based puzzle gameplay of Draw Puzzle is very addictive and it’s great fun watching as the little pixel art pictures are formed.There’s even a level editor that allows you to build new levels and if you create one you think is particularly great, you can email the devs (info@indienova.com) and they may even put it in the final game!

Download The Draw Puzzle Beta Demo Here (Windows & Mac)