Draw Stage シロペンロード – Game Jam Build

Draw Stage シロペンロード is an inventive little puzzle platformer where you can build platforms by drawing them with the mouse.

In each level of Draw Stage シロペンロード your aim is to unlock and reach the exit (and collect optional coins along the way). The levels initially seem impossible, but you can physically draw objects and platforms into them to allow your character to progress. Your structures are affected by gravity though and you can’t delete them once they’ve been built so you need to think carefully about where you place them.

Being able to draw in parts of a level are nothing new, but what’s impressive about Draw Stage シロペンロード is the creativity of the level design. It’s a lot tougher than it initially appears, especially when new restrictions on where you can draw and where your platforms can touch are introduced. It makes for a very addictive and brain teasing puzzle platformer that requires you to think outside of the box. Highly recommended.

Play Draw Stage シロペンロード Here (Browser)