Draw Your Own Adventure – Game Jam Build Download

Draw Your Own Adventure is a delightful little interactive story where you draw all the characters and make choices as a king goes in search of a queen in a medieval fantasy land.

In Draw Your Own Adventure a narrator tells a charming (and rather silly) story about a King who goes in search of love. The story is played out on a little hand drawn puppet theatre, with all the characters represented as drawings attached to lollipop sticks. However, you actually draw the characters as they are introduced in the story and you can make a few decisions along the way about what their actions are.

The deliberately simplistic painting utensils mean that even if you’re the next Van Gough whatever you draw will end up looking like a kids hastily drawn crayon drawing. That just adds to the charm of the game though (which it has in spades) and is very fitting with the lollipop theatre theme. Your colorful creations end up going on a wonderfully whimsical adventure too, with lots of fun twists and random silliness. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download or Play Draw Your Own Adventure Here (Windows & Browser)