Dreadnought – Open Beta

Dreadnaught Open Beta

Dreadnought, the multiplayer space combat game in which players command massive capital ships, is now in Open Beta, so now everyone can enjoy its tactical team based space warfare where size really does matter!

As we mentioned during the Closed Beta, Dreadnought offers 8v8 space combat where battles take place on an epic scale. Instead of whizzing about in little X-Wing style fighter ships, players command the ships that really sway the battle and do the most damage – the huge capital ships. There are over 50 ships to unlock that come in many different shapes and sizes and offer a variety of heavy, assault, support, sniping and scouting capabilities. Each ship can be fully customized with weaponry, modules, coatings and decals to suit your playstyle (and to make them look awesome).

The capital ships may not be as agile as X-Wings, but they can do some serious damage and offer a wide range of tactical options. Much like a MOBA, it’s a game in which teamwork and communication is vital, as players work together, using their unique strengths to exploit the enemy’s weaknesses. Do well and your reputation will increase, allowing you to unlock new ships and customization options to show off and kick ass with.

It’s a great looking game that looks set to offer MOBA-esque thrills and tactical combat on a massive scale. Join in now to sink some space battleships!

Join in The Dreadnought Open Beta Here (Windows)

PS4 Players Can Still Sign Up For The Closed Beta Here