Dream Dasher – Alpha Download

Dream Dasher is a wonderful hand drawn 2D platforming adventure that sees you using an aimed dash ability to make your way through its multi-route, secret-filled levels.

In Dream Dasher you control a cute little ball who rolls, jumps and dashes through the levels in the game’s beautiful hand drawn game world. The current build features six main levels, one boss level and three bonus levels, all of which are linked together by a charming hub world that’s full of characters to talk to and secrets to discoverer.

The dash ability is a little like Sonic’s jumping homing attack, but with less auto-aim so you have more control of where you dash to. It really comes in handy as it’s your main form of attack and movement through the game world. Once you master it you can chain dash attacks together, allowing you to travel large distances without touching the ground and racking up a big multiplier in the process. Attacking enemies with it also earns you a shield that will protect you from one hit (though it won’t save you from falling down holes).

It’s a very slick and well crafted platforming adventure, with high quality animation, fun gameplay and secret-filled levels with plenty of replay value. Even in this early stage of development it already feels like something Nintendo or Sega would have made during the golden days of the 2D platformer. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Dream Dasher Alpha Here (Click “Win32.zip” Under the Attached Files Section)

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  1. Thanks for the lovely review! I’m one of the developers of Dream Dasher and we love it when people *get* the game like you did :)

    Oh, and if anybody wants to keep up with development, you can join our discord at https://discord.gg/UV8tGYC

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