Dream Ghost – Game Jam Build Download


Dream Ghost, a short, emotional tale of loss made for the Magic Realism – DIT 2 Jam, has you attempting to say goodbye to someone you love to by talking to their ghostly holographic simulation.

In Dream Ghost you have lost someone very important to you.  You live in a futuristic world where when people die, you are able to continue talking to them through a hologram in their gravestone. These holographic versions of your lost love are not actually the same person, they’re more like AI recreations of them, but they do provide comfort and help you deal with what has happened.

You have been visiting this ghostly vision of your lost love often, not quite ever getting the strength to say your final goodbye and move on. Today, however, is the day. You must move on for good, to be happy in your life. Enjoy your last interaction with the closest thing you can have to your lost love. Exchange some final words before returning back to your life in this touching and emotional little experience.

Play Dream Ghost Here (Windows, Mac & Browser)