Dream of Me – Alpha Demo

Dream of Me is an intriguing first person puzzle adventure set in an eerie, not quite real place, guided by a mysterious character and littered with constant reminders that the place you are in isn’t real.

In Dream of Me you take on the role of David, an aspiring photographer and borderline alcoholic who is having some issues in his personal and professional life. You wake up in your apartment after what must have been a particularly rough night (you can’t remember much about it anyway), with a feeling that there’s something strange about your place. There are notes scattered around your apartment telling you that the place you’re in isn’t real and you can’t even trust your eyes to show you the truth – some objects will remain hidden until you look at them with the camera.

The current demo build of Dream of Me offers around half an hour’s worth of gameplay and it really impresses with its attention to detail, intriguing narrative and clever puzzle design. There’s definitely something not quite right about this version of your apartment – maybe it’s a simulation, maybe it’s another dimension, maybe you’re dead, maybe it’s all a dream.You’ll have to wait for the full release to find out, but the demo will definitely pique your interest.

Note: Once You Pick Up Your Camera Press ‘R’ To Use It

Download The Dream of Me Alpha Demo Here (Windows)