Dreamcore – Beta Demo

Dreamcore is a Backrooms inspired body-cam horror game where you explore vast liminal spaces, discover secrets, solve puzzles and hopefully escape.

The full version of Dreamcore will see you exploring a variety of different Backrooms inspired locations, but the current demo focuses on the Poolrooms. It’s a massive underground swimming pool complex that can take several hours to fully explore.

You can just wander around and take in the sights, but there are also secrets to discover, monster sightings, creepy events and puzzles to solve. There are two main endings to find (and one ending which may be a glitch), both of which will require you to track down a flashlight (which is easier said than done as it spawns randomly and the place is massive).

Backrooms style games are getting a little overdone at the moment, but Dreamcore does a great job of elevating itself above the crowd. The sheer scale of the place is remarkable, especially as each area/room is unique and handcrafted (rather than a lot of the procedurally generated Backooms games). There’s always something interesting to discover around the next corner and there are come cool creepy elements too. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Dreamcore Gameplay Video Here

Download The Dreamcore Beta Demo Here (Steam)