Dreamed Away – Alpha Demo

Dreamed Away is an Earthbound inspired horror RPG adventure where a young boy searches for his sister in a mysterious nightmarish world.

In Dreamed Away you follow the story of Théo, a young boy who has become plagued with sinister visions. One night his parents and sister go missing and he finds himself lost in a strange dream-like world filled with phantoms and monsters. He must now fight them as he searches for his sister.

The pixel art animation and story in Dreamed Away are excellent, which help you become really invested in Théo’s story. At the moment there is a bit of an issue with the Undertale-style combat system though. It’s a little too easy, drawn-out and repetitive. It could do with taking a few pointers from Athenian Rhapsody as to how to freshen it up a little, as at the moment your heart sinks a little with every encounter. Aside from that though it’s a very promising game and has a nice mixture of heartfelt emotion and horror.

Download the Dreamed Away Alpha Demo Here (Steam)