DREAMO – Alpha Demo

DREAMO is an inventive first person puzzle adventure where you place cogs to solve cubic puzzles and escape from the mysterious dream-like world you’re trapped in.

In DREAMO you play as Jack Winslow, a renowned pharmacologist who is trapped in a coma following a plane crash. With a little assistance from doctors who you hear talking to you, you must now solve puzzles based in cube shaped artefacts, unlocking your memories in the process.

The DREAMO demo build takes around 30 minutes to play through and features a narrative driven challenge mode, containing five unique puzzles to solve and a bit of narrative as your character tries to figure out where he is and why he can’t communicate with the voices he hears. The puzzles are cleverly crafted and see you attempting to connect cogs on different sides of cubic artefacts to unlock them. Things start off fairly easily, but soon more elements like moveable pegs and linkable cogs are introduced, making for some pretty complex puzzles.

The protagonist-in-a-coma narrative has been done many times before, but the visual design of DREAMO is excellent and the puzzles are very inventive, really testing your spatial reasoning and problem solving skills. The cubes are very tactile and it’s great fun to your chain of spinning cogs spread across them. A cleverly crafted cubic puzzler well worth checking out.

Download The DREAMO Alpha Demo Here (Steam)