Dreamsweeper – Alpha Demo

Dreamsweeper is a lo-fi fusion of dungeon crawling and Minesweeper, where you navigate dream worlds filled with your anxieties.

In Dreamsweeper you go to sleep while listening to music each night and you conquer your anxieties in your dreams. These dreams contain boobytrap-filled dungeons that you need to navigate by using numbers to figure out where the traps are (as in Minesweeper). As you progress you’ll also have rhythm-action battles, discover secrets and collect useful loot.

The rhythm-action battles are fun, but they occur too often and are too easy so they get a little dull after a while. Also, a run option would be good to allow you to traverse sections that are safe faster. Aside from that it’s a promising game with excellent pixel art animation and a clever fusion of dungeon crawling and Minesweeper. It’s the bomb.

Download The Dreamsweeper Alpha Demo Here (Steam)