DREDGE – Beta Demo

DREDGE is a spooky narrative-driven fishing adventure where you captain a trawler around a quaint archipelago that’s home to some dark eldritch secrets.

In DREDGE you are a trawler captain who has recently arrived at a small cluster of fishing islands. Your ship was damaged in the storm, but thankfully the mayor sets you up with a little trawler (for a fee of course), so that you can seek your fortune on the seas. However, it’s not too long until you discover eldritch abominations and begin to unravel a dark mystery that lurks in the depths of the sea.

The fishing gameplay in DREDGE is daily simple – you sail out to a spot and sink your line and reel in the fish with some timely button presses. Different fishing styles require different methods and you can sell your fish to upgrade your ship with new equipment. There are lots of different types of fish to catch and there are various points of interest to discover around the islands. Just try not to get caught out after dark as the seas can become perilous.

The demo build of DREDGE takes around 45 minutes to play through and allows you to freely sail around the islands. The visuals are beautiful and it manages to be both tranquil and sinister. It’s a lot of fun just pottering about in your boat and catching fish under the daytime sun, but there’s also plenty of narrative, oddball characters and interesting discoveries to make. A charming and creepy fishing horror adventure well worth catching!

Download The DREDGE Beta Demo Here (Steam)