drHackDream – Student Project Game

drHackDream is a stylish and strategic action platformer in which you use precision jumping and a cybersword to defeat defenses and steal data from target cyberbrains!

In drHackDream you control the avatar of the titular Dr HackDream and hack into peoples brains as instructed by a mysterious character who seems to know you. Your character is able to walk and carry out a melee attack as in a normal action platformer, but to jump you hold the jump button to slow down time and plot your trajectory, then release to jump and restore the normal flow of time. It’s an interesting mechanic that allows you to plan ahead and use some precision jumping but can break the flow of the gameplay a little.

In each level of drHackDream you have to eliminate all of the defenses in the target’s cyberbrain by avoiding their attacks and getting close enough to dispatch them with your cybersword. This can be quite tricky as your sword doesn’t have much reach and the defenses will attack you as soon as they see you. Slowing down time with the jump button does give you a little time to think when in danger though.

The gameplay can frustrate a little on the more challenging levels, but the stylish visuals and electronic soundtrack make for a super cool and wonderfully weird action platforming adventure. A unique cyber platformer well worth hacking into.

Download drHackDream Here (Windows & Mac)