Drift or Die – Beta Download

Drift or Die is a narrative-driven cyberpunk driving game set in a dystopian future where conflicts are all settled via drift challenges.

Taking place in the cyberpunk world of Ultra 85, Drift or Die is a racing game where you’re tasked with overthrowing a corrupt government with your drifting skills. Due to the collateral damage of war, all conflicts are now settled by drift challenges, and your goal is to drift your way to the top and overthrow the nefarious President Lazrhawk.

What this means for you is that you need to rack up high scores as you drift your way around different tracks. There’s a variety of different drivers to choose from, each with their own unique cars, and there are story elements between the races that help give you a little extra motivation.

It’s a fun game with a great art style, an interesting story and a unique setting. The arcadey drifting physics are particularly enjoyable, allowing you to continually drift for entire laps if you manage to avoid collisions. See if you can drift your way to glory!

Download The Drift or Die Beta Here (Windows)