Driftwood – Alpha Demo

Driftwood is a chilled out downhill longboarding game where a sloth carves his way down beautiful multi-route courses.

In Driftwood you take control of a speed-loving sloth who loves nothing more than jumping on a longboard and hurtling down hills. The gameplay is clearly quite similar to Tanuki Sunset, but there are some significant differences. While Tanuki Sunset is more score focused, Driftwood is all about the speed and finding the quickest way through its multi-route courses.

It could do with some more optional challenges/objectives/collectibles (or even multiplayer and ghosts) to add a little replayability, but the core gameplay is a lot of fun. The scenery is beautiful, there are lots of shortcuts to find and you really feel a sense of speed. Sloths really don’t move much faster than this one!

Download The Driftwood Alpha Demo Here (Steam)