Drill Deal: Borehole – Alpha Download

Drill Deal: Borehole is an offshore oil rig simulator where you build and manage your own oil platform with an aim of producing, refining and selling as much black gold as possible.

In Drill Deal you’ll be placed in charge of oil rigs in various challenging scenarios – such as freezing arctic conditions or near a cluster of haunted islands. The Drill Deal Alpha features one main mission (aside front he tutorial), which sees you trying to build and manage your oil rig in pirate-infested tropical waters.

You can build a variety of industrial and social strictures, such as refineries or canteens and you’ll also be able to build extra platforms and connect them with gangways. You can hire staff and set them to work in different areas of the rig (night-shift or day-shift) and you also need to keep them happy, healthy and safe. All this costs money, so you’ll also have to sign contracts and fulfil orders, all the while keeping an eye on those pesky pirates!

It’s a lighthearted and easily accessible management sim that still manages to have plenty of depth and features. The voxel-based visuals work really well and allow for a great amount of detail as you build your installation. See if you can keep the fossil fuels flowing!

Download The Drill Deal: Borehole Alpha Here (Steam)