Driller – Game Jam Build

Driller is an addictive retro styled directional drilling arcade game where you attempt to guide a drill head through underground mazes while protecting your drill shaft from monster attacks.

Playing a little like a blend of Snake and Pac-Man, Driller tasks you with guiding your drill head through various underground mazes to collect all the oil pockets. The underground mazes aren’t uninhabited though – they’re full of monsters that like to feast on your drill pipe. Your drill pipe is extremely vulnerable to attack, but you can press the spacebar to quickly retract the pipe and then guide your drill head to attack the enemies.

It’s a simple, but addictive little game, with a great retro visual style, a catchy soundtrack and fast paced arcade gameplay where the deeper you dig, the more vulnerable you are to attack. It’s not easy drilling for oil – maybe that’s why petrol costs so much!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Play or Download Driller Here (Windows & Browser)