#DRIVE Rally – Beta Demo

#DRIVE Rally is a stylish 90’s inspired arcade rally racing game where you speed through vibrant race tracks with a copilot who sounds a lot like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The visual style and 90’s rallying of #DRIVE Rally is a little similar to Art of Rally, but it controls more like a traditional Colin McRae/V-Rally-esque rally racing game. The demo is pretty impressive, with vibrant visuals, great track design and good vehicle handling. Your enjoyment will probably depend on whether you get on with the codrive or not though – he’s very talkative and sounds comically like Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you warm to him then he actually adds a lot of entertainment value and it’s nice to have a copilot who sounds a little less robotic than normal.

It’s a promising slice of retro rallying nostalgia with easily accessible arcade gameplay and plenty of personality. Certainly worth kicking the tires and taking for a spin.

Download The #DRIVE Rally Beta Demo Here (Steam)