Drone Commander – Game Jam Build Download

drone commander Game Download

Drone Commander is a fun, fast paced mini-RTS/shoot-em-up hybrid made for the CGA Jam, where you command a swarm of drones and attempt to destroy waves of alien ships!

In Drone Commander your single fleet of drones is all you have to defeat waves of aliens in outer space. You are able to command the formations in which these ships fly around, as well as guide them through universe. Each ship has a set shield – like a health bar – as well as a fuel bar. These fuel bars will run out as you make your way around, so you might need to top up by having your formation float above power-ups that say fuel.

The alien ships, once they are near you, will start attacking your fleet and swarming around your drones. You must carefully guide your ships in a way that they are close enough to attack, but not get dominated by aliens! As you lose numbers, you do need to start exploring the map and using planets to your advantage.

These planets have their own gravity and can pull ships near them into them – causing the ships to crash and destruct. If you are careful, you can get the aliens to chase you and then run them into the planets, destroying them in larger amounts. Your fleet doesn’t always replenish, so try to use attack formations and planets to your advantage to keep your casualty count as low as possible.

It’s a fast paced and surprisingly tough game – those alien swarms can be relentless so you’ll need to use some careful maneuvering to stand any chance of survival. Try to make every last drone count!

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available