Drone GP 15 – Alpha Download

DroneGP 15

Drone GP 15 is a challenging and chaotic new game which brings the up and coming sport of drone racing to home computers.

Featuring realistic physics and advanced avionics, with all vehicles featuring a “flight controller” on board exactly as real life ones.  The realistically twitchy controls will take a bit of getting used to, and make for some wonderfully chaotic races, especially in multiplayer.  It’s great fun swooping and swerving through the tracks, things settle down a bit once you get to grips with the controls, but you never feel in absolute control of the twitchy little drones.  .

Best played with a 360 controller, Drone GP 15 is a fun new take on the racing genre.  The drones handle unlike anything you’ve raced before (unless you’ve actually raced drones), making for a remarkably tricky game that’s hard to master and fun to play.

Check Out Some Real Drone Racing HERE

Check Out the Greenlight Page HERE

Download the Alpha HERE (Controller Recommended)